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Active, Top, Femboys Fucking Males all words or terms that you would assume would never come from a Femboys mouth let alone Femboys admitting that on occasions they like the to take on the more dominant role in the bedroom and fuck a man!.


Its interesting reading the various groups and postings regarding just that and when asking a question of a Femboy “ Do you fuck guys” or as I’m sure its been put across another way by a male, “Im a bottom male and love getting fucked by Femboys” will you meet me?


We do live in a world where sexual boundaries and roles are getting far more mixed up with both males and femboys switching roles, so whats so wrong with femboys posting they want to fuck males, in my opinion NOTHING.. 


Femboys seeking Males To be FUCKED..

Yes it’s a shocker, how can a person that clearly takes on the more feminine role within a relationship take on the more active role of being the “giver” rather than the “taker” but its true some femboys enjoy meeting males where either the male is passive in the bedroom, or happy to do role reversals.


Is it wrong to be femboy that enjoys fucking men? NO since when was it that bedrooms have rules, surly the whole part of going to be for SEX or making LOVE if you want to make it sound deeper is about 2 or more LOL people enjoying themselves.!


Meeting Femboys that FUCK males. ..

Yes its possible and speaking from a males viewpoint that likes to swap roles in the bedroom I’ve dating many Femboys that like to take on the active role or top Femboy what ever you want to call it.


When viewing personals posting up by femboys some will be upfront about it saying they enjoy topping guys, others will post up about enjoying swapping roles in the bedroom, or you will have personals posted by dominant femboys seeking submissive males, then you know what place the male will have in the bedroom.


Ask THAT Question, will you top me ..

If you are not sure and you want to only date Femboys that will fuck males then you need to make sure you address this before you start meeting up and certainly the idea of leaving till you are in the bedroom is a WRONG move

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