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Lets face it who doesn’t love a chatroom, even more so when you know that the people in it are Femboys seeking to chat with males, and guys looking for sexy Femboys. If you are seeking a dedicated room for naughty fun and more WELCUM!

Logging into the members section and accessing our Femboy chat for many has been a lifeline into fun, especially with all the craziness we’ve had with Covid.

Going into a chatroom is almost like having your own Femboy club going on in your home, but without the sex !!, although some members do love some cybersex, and YES speaking from experience and not saying user. 

What Do YOU want Chat about :0)   ..

Is it a silly question? We’ll maybe and maybe not. I’ve spent more than a few hours hanging out in the chatroom, often chatting with friends online as my Femboy Girlfriend would probably cut my dick off if I tried it on with her friends LOL.

But the Femboy Chatrooms are a great place to just meet up and have a chat, it doesn’t have to always be about SEX!! But many do and often the words “Do you want in Private room” come to mind so the members can carry on without others reading what they are getting up to!

Finding contacts via the Femboy chat is a GREAT way to meet up as directly from the chatroom you can view members profile, check out photos and videos and then send a private message to get to know them better…its how I meet my Femboy girlfriend. 

Swap photos, tips and more….

Heading into the chatroom, especially one where you know its occupied by Femboys & Transgenders does mean chats can sometimes get a bit hyper feminine asking for advice, tips and what looks good.

But as a male admirer I’ve enjoyed having this sneak insight into what is going on within the Femboy world, and whilst my make up tips wont help I can tell a Femboy what looks hot on her, or off !!

Join us today and start meeting up with Femboys and admirers online in our members chatrooms    

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