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How To !! REALLY..Read On ..

How to meet Femboys! Its interesting I was reading on one of these “How To” websites and this guy posted up about the best way and “How To Meet Femboys” some of the responses were interesting if not amusing and clearly posted up by people that didn’t have a clue about the femboy scene.


It would seem most think the best place to and How To meet Femboys is by heading down to some LGBTQi club! Nice idea but how many admirers would walk into a bar and start chatting up a sexy femboy, for one it could be a woman as by name Lesbians also use these venues.


But it’s the idea of heading into a bar that would send this admirer into melt down and fear not knowing what was going to happen, maybe I’m alone in this but for this admirer I prefer other ways of meeting up and its not a case of How To Meet Femboys, but which personals website.


How To Meet Femboys …via personals ..

Personals websites offer a GREAT way to meet local femboys as for one you have the security knowing you are access a members only website, plus everyone that joins do it to meet up whether its meeting admirers or other Femboys.


The real question is whilst we know personals sites offer the easiest way to meet contacts its which one to join, and hopefully that will be us as we offer some of the best features to help admirers and Femboys meet up even giving FREE access to members without needed a membership!.


Posted above are members photo feeds, these are either local members to you that have joined or logged in recently. Once a member you can message any of these members. We also give you FREE access into all members via the link above, from here you can view personals and members photos local to you.


How To Meet Femboys – Personals ads..

Joining is EASY posting your personals advert takes a little thought and with so many members you need to make sure you post one that will catch members attention. Below are some tips and will help you find Femboys.


Your personals advert consists of 3 parts, the heading, here you can tell members briefly what you are seeking, the main personals section that you have unlimited space to post as much as you want and the photos section where you have unlimited space to post as many photos as you like:- 


Heading – post something that will instantly get attention as when members as searching the first thing they see is your heading


Profile – you have unlimited space so tell members about yourself, what you are looking for and the types of Femboys or admirers you want to meet with. Unlimted gives you a chance to really tell members all about yourself, just don’t make it too wordy


Photos – you want messages, you need photos and not just photos or your cock either !


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