Femboy Using Poppers During Anal SEX

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Femboy Loving Poppers During SEX

Sniff The Little Bottle Of Poppers Before & During SEX

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Femboys & Poppers ..

Femboys using poppers – what’s it like taking poppers when with a guy during anal sex? Is it better? Does it enhance the feeling?.. This question was recently posted by a male admirer within his blog. Is Poppers just for when getting fucked or oral sex as well…or hopefully both!


I’ve dated some femboys that use poppers and at first I really couldn’t get it mostly due the awful smell, least at first it’s not pleasant, then once you get used to the effects of sex on poppers you totally crave for the little bottle that can send you to another level in submission and feelings.


But as a curious guy I was interested to know what it was like being fucked when using poppers as my only experience is with oral poppers sex…so where better to ask than a message board that you know Femboys and admirers read. Some of the answers are interesting..


Using poppers Anal SEX.


Question, what’s it like using poppers when with a guy during anal sex?…..


:- I’ve been a femboy for 3 years and have been using poppers either for anal or blowjobs. It makes everything feel much more intense and I become a total submissive whore wanting to try and do anything suggested, its like poppers turns off the brain and all think about is being fucked or sucking cock either before or after its been in my tight ass.


:- Quickly I become a total femboy nympho just wanting to be fucked faster and faster and harder the better.


:- I’m very petite but love dating tall, big guys, which often means they are hung, perhaps its more that I love big cocks rather than tall guys LOL.. But I love walking down the road having this tall guy next to little me. I need to take poppers otherwise I struggle with initial anal penetration, once guys are fully inside and I adjust I’m OK. I will lay on my back with a pillow under me and let them take me missionary style. Once lubed up I will get the poppers and start sniffing. Then you can fuck me long and hard


:- I love taking poppers but take too much and you will start feeling dizzy, you just need enough to relax you, also when cumming try poppers it seems to last for ages and so intense.


:- I tried them once when dating a new guy and whilst the sex was amazing, they gave me a massive headache and not sure I will try again. I’ve been to parties with femboys and guys using poppers and now leave the room. Try it you may like it not for this femboy, plus I can get relaxed so long as you know which button to press so don’t need anything baby to open up


:- LOVE LOVE them and give me bottle of poppers and you could shove anything up my ass I get so dirty. it’s a sex popper hit like nothing. Just don’t get too used to it.


:- I’ve only used sex on poppers a few times, I just loose it too much but the experience is amazing just make sure the guy or guys you are with you trust totally as you will lose all your inhibitions. The last time was crazy I met at his place, and he told me about a friend that was gay, but was really into Femboys and was coming round. Then I didn’t know he had a threesome planned. When he got here, he was HOT so we started drink then the poppers came out and got into full fucking mode. They ended up both fucking me, spit roasting, switching & taking turns fucking my mouth. Some more poppers led to my first and only double anal, was amazing and tried before, but failed. .


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