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Posting Selfies & Sex Hookups ..

Love Femboy Selfies? Trust me you are not alone and it seems the passion for admiring these very sexy self-photos of Femboys goes both ways with both Femboys & admirers, but what’s not to love about checking out a new selfie posted up, and even the odd one from an admirer or 2.


Question – What is a selfie.

really couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this posted up within a Quora question page, the answer nearly correct LOL..


“a photograph taken of oneself, with phone sometimes webcam and shared via social media, occasional selfies are OK, but posting more that one photo every day isn’t necessary”


Clearly the person that answered that question isn’t a femboy admirer as you can never post too many photos and last its not a case of not being necessary, its NEEDED to post up more femboy Selfies, and thankfully members are more than happy to upload often to photo personals.


I think I can honestly say selfies more so femboy selfies for many have become part of their everyday routine and having been on the dating scene for a few years now the often “ping” on my phone and a selfie coming in showing a sexy outfit, or feedback on my lipstick has made this admirer to believe femboys ARE totally hooked on selfies, but I’m not complaining.


Taking Getting great selfies.

Is it just about flipping the phone into selfie mode and clicking a button? NO. I asked this question to my Femboy partner and got a list of must do’s and don’ts to get a killer Femboy Selfie that will get the attention of others, although admirers too can follow most of these rules.


:- Find your good side, mine, so I’ve been told it is my left! But take a few photos and sit back and check out which one looks the best, and if you have that annoying spot, then it’s the other side


:- phone location, not downward even if you don’t have a double chin, you will have if the phone is too low, best place is slightly about eye height as this will give you a longer neck and that killer big eyes look


:- Light, if you are in heavy shadow its not going to look great and natural is always a better option than flash, if you need to use flash make sure the room isn’t too dark as this will stop red eye, but a nice bright day in the shade somewhere will work great


:- Background, remember you are the star not the busy background so find a nice plain background and if your camera has a portrait setting use that to help with distorting the background further


:- Editing, don’t go crazy, in fact probably safe not to do any real editing other than a crop or maybe pulling shadows, but stay away from preset filters they never work well.


Viewing Femboy Selfies..

Its just a case of looking at any personals advert, and you will soon start accessing femboy selfies some just showing head shots, others full length, some we’ll use your imagination. As members have unlimited space selfies are often uploaded onto our wall so friends and admirers can check out selfies.


Join us today and start posting your selfies whether you are just a guy looking to date sexy femboy or a selfies loving femboy that loves nothing more than teasing us guys with images.

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