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Hi, my first oral as a femboy! do I remember it, fuck yes it was only recent although since joining this site I’ve made a few more contacts, but I will never forget the first cock and that sweet cum load I swallowed back like some thirsty bitch on heat.


It started when my sister Donna came to visit me one weekend at a house I was sharing with 8 others whilst going to Stoke my university. I lived in Stoke all my life but when I started uni I wanted to stay in lodgings, also wanted to explore my sexuality more, which living at home I couldn’t.


My sister knew I loved dressing feminine as she caught me out one day when I assumed the house was empty and after then when alone we would have dressing nights and with help of make up from Donna and being the same size swapping outfits Paula was born!.


I always liked that name so seemed the right one to pick… Anyway, back to my first oral. Donna got to mine around 7 and already there was a party going on in the house and once in my room we opened the wine and started drinking, it didn’t take long before Donna got out of her bag some VERY tiny shorts and a crop white top “Fancy some dressing fun”.


Femboy Wearing Tiny Shorts.

I didn’t need asking twice and stripped down to my thong “nice butt baby” looking round I smile and “still not fucked yet” she smiled “we will have to work on that” and we both laughed. Putting the shorts on they were so tiny with my arse cheeks hanging out, then the crop top and Donna put my hair into a ponytail, finished with some red lippy..FUCK did I look good.


“come on lets go downstairs and party” walking out with Donna holding my arm I we walked into the room, it was dark but was able to see around and some of the guys had girls with them, this one girl was sucking a guy off right in the middle of the room, Donna said “I wanted some of this” walked into the room and started dancing.


I saw Ian sat in the corner looking a bit worse for drink, but he returned with a smile, and I always thought he had a thing for me. Getting up he walked towards me ” I need a piss wanna come with me” with that he took my hand, and I followed him upstairs into the small loo.


Femboy First Oral Sex.

Once in the room he grabbed my arse, then pushed his hand between my thighs squeezing my cock ” nice, but I need a piss” I told him to stand still and undid his belt, pants and zipper, he was just standing there watching me trying to get his cock out, I reached into his pants and found his cock and turning towards the toilet he started pissing whilst I was holding his cock.


It was the first time I’d held someone else’s cock and it felt warm but squeezing him a little I could also tell he was starting to get aroused. He finally finished and pulling his foreskin back over his cock he started to grow in my hand and I started to wank him slowly, even being a bit pissed he got hard quickly, but I wanted his cock in my mouth so getting down onto my knees and flicked out my tongue and started licking the end of his cock.


I started sucking all his cock in I struggled but eventuality got him fully inside my mouth and wrapped my lips around his meat as he started to fuck my mouth, he groaned out in appreciation and did my best to give my first blowjob and oh man I FUCKING loved it sucking on his cock.


Moving back to catch my breath I started to wank him hard and got my first pre cum leaking out of his cock which I licked up and was so sticky and sweet, then returned to fucking my mouth, I could feel him tense up and knew I would soon get my reward for my first oral efforts and I felt the first hit of sweet cum hit my throat, pulling back a little he came again on my tong and looking up at him showing his cum load he told me ” swallow it bitch” and with one gulp it was all gone.


I returned to his cock licking and sucking all the cum and shortly after he pulled his pants up and left the toilet. I rented to my room and the next day told Donna all about it… That was my first | Meet Femboy Singles