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I’ve lived in Southend alone for a few years now after I got my first job and was able to live alone, this gave me the freedom to be how I wanted to be as my parents neither understood my need to be feminine both dressing, dating and acting. I started dressing in my early teens but it was only when I moved into my own place I embraced my Femboy status so to speak and was able to get out.


I’ve dated a few males that I’ve meet at clubs and even explored dating other Femboys, although decided that really wasn’t for me. But I wanted to explore my submissive side and having sex in public places meeting with admirers outside!! And started searching online with an alpha male that would control me.


I started meeting this guy called John and each time he pushed my limits treating me so slutty but when I meet him last time he told me next time we meet he wanted some fun outdoors! And whilst he knew I wanted this as I told him I was still very worried.


It was a Saturday afternoon and John knew I was not working that day so at home, when I got a WhatsApp message telling me to go to my local shopping centre that I use called “The Royals Shopping Centre and be dressing sexy, is there any other type ! Putting my sexy red dress on, black thong, stockings & a new bra I head out towards town and the female clothing store he told me about.


Once in the shop I received another message telling me collect some items to try on then head to changing room, strip to bra and knickers and wait. Without question I followed his orders and my heart was jumping so hard. I did as instructed, removed my clothing down to thong, bra and stocking and was just standing waiting for another instruction or text message, looking around the curtain I could see john walking towards the changing room.. 


Stripped naked in Changing Room …

Stepping inside he looked at me with an approving smile before moving forward passionately kissing me which had the effect on my cock making it jump into life pushing against my thong. Pushing me firmly against the wall and his hand straight into my thong pulled at my hard cock wanking me off a little just enough to make me fully erect. But he knows I would much sooner have his attention elsewhere and adore him playing with my pussy and love with passion anal sex.


Telling me not to make sound he turns me around, and puts my hands against the wall, FUCK was he going to fuck me here! Coming up behind me he moved my thong to one side and was teasing my pussy but also wanking me rough and it was all I could do to control my pleasure, but then teasing my pussy was all I could do but groan out in please even being aware only inches were other females in the changing room.


Then he moved his hand around to my mouth and pushing his fingers into my mouth I made them wet with my salvor and returning to my bottom slipped 2 fingers straight into my pussy I nearly screamed out with pleasure, but covering my mouth with his other hand was able to keep me quite, and started to finger fuck my pussy.


My juices were flowing as he was finger fucking me hard then I could feel the tip of his cock against my arse and removing his fingers with ease slipped his cock all the way into my ass and was fucking me hard and by now far more roughly & forceful than he’d ever done before.


Putting his hand onto my cock I had cum dripping from it and shortly afterwards he came inside me unloading cum into my arse. Removing his cock, I turned around and cleaned and sucked his cock licking my juices and his cum and for being a good femboy slut told me next time he would buy me a new outfit if I was just as good.


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