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Colchester First Time With Femboy  ..

I was working in Colchester for a few months and found a nice local to me so one day headed there after a hot day for a quick cool beer, although I didn’t expect it to go the way it did. The pub was pretty dead so ordered a pint and sat back just taking in some decent downtime, when this beautiful woman walked in.


She knew she was “HOT” as she gave that look when walking in and even caught my eye so smiled back, to my surprise she returned the smile, but when looking at her something seemed different, but I could not put my finger on it.


She was wearing or NOT wearing a very short summer dress , high heels , and from first glance what could only be classed as a gorgeous figure. She purchased a drink and sat near me and again flashed a smile, so I thought I would chance my luck by making a comment on the weather! LAME I know, but she agreed, and we started talking.


She invited me over and after a few more drinks said she was heading home, so I offered a lift and she responded saying it would be nice. Getting to her home she invited me in for a coffee. It was a small flat very tidy and not a thing was out of place. I could see her in the kitchen and with the sun shining threw her dress could see her long legs and an outline of tiny panties. While she was still making the coffee I walked into the kitchen and moving towards her put my arms around her waist and she turned around and started kissing.


She wrapped her arms around me really going for it and very quickly pulled my shirt from my trousers pushing her hands up onto my back and with her long thin fingers moving seductively over my back, kissing me even more passionately now she moved in close pushing her groin against me hard, it was then I felt something... 


I prefer to be called a Femboy …

Pulling back I looked at her and asked are you a tranny, with that she responded saying she preferred to be called a femboy, but YES was a transgender, and asked me if it bothered me. I had to think about this for a while as I have never had sex with a femboy or guy and whilst still thinking ablit it she looked at me saying the bulge in the trousers was saying something else and getting to her knees.


She or he, or whatever undid my trousers and letting them fall to the floor she slid her hand Inside my pants and started teasing my cock , pulling my pants down she slowly sank her mouth onto my cock taking it all the way down, gagging a little at first but not pulling back and started to fuck my cock with her mouth, I’d not had blowjob like this before, there again not by a guy either.


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