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I live Poole, Dorset with my girlfriend, called Karen, when we first met, I told her about my feminine side and that I enjoyed dressing and going out and she was happy, in fact already had guessed something when we first met up.


We both love to dance and often head into Bournemouth LGBTQ clubs and made an attractive couple LOL…in fact some would think we were a lesbian couple, could be kinda correct you could say.


My little story, albeit real happened on a recent trip to London where I experienced the most amazing sex EVER with this dominant femboy and it was something I’d dreamed to meet but never thought it would happen, so when I saw her profile, I messaged, and we started chatting.


I told Karen about this as we do have an open relationship and I know she sometimes meets males and females because she’s bi. But the agreement we have is being honest and telling each other about what happened in detail which normally leads us onto AMAZING sex, someone with me being top, other times her putting the strap on. But if I’m honest I do prefer the passive role.


We got into London and after a busy day shopping and having some fun in changing rooms we headed back to our hotel and Karen had arranged to meet some friends and she knew I had a very special femboy heading to our room.


London Hotel Bar SEX.

The arrangement was that I would meet her in the bar of the hotel, so I headed down to the hotel bar and sat alone waiting for her to turn up. Walking into the hotel I could see her and recognised her from the profile photos, and she did not disappoint, so sexy, long dark hair, amazing figure, dressed black mini skirt, what I was guessing stockings and a leather jacket.


We sat and had a drink but I couldn’t keep my eyes of her legs and she looked around and could see no one was looking so opened them showing stocking tops “want to see further up” I just nodded like a little schoolgirl wanting some sweets “get to your knees” here I said, and with that she pushed me down onto the hotel bar floor and looking around quickly could see no one was looking so moved my head under the table and she pulled mini skirt up and reaching under her dress released her cock and I stated to kiss and suck her, right in the middle of a hotel bar..


She stopped me saying we needed to go to my room otherwise she wouldn’t be able to walk with a hard cock hidden away inside her mini skirt. I ordered another round of drinks and took them to our room but as soon as the door was closed, she was all over me kissing me.


Femboy Sex Roles .

We never spoke about roles, but I knew she liked being a dominant femboy and the way she was kissing me and removing my clothes I guessed that was going to be the case. She stripped me naked and my cock was already hard and taking hold of me firmly she wanked me off for a little, not a gentle wank but hard and fast and I even had some pre cum which she used her fingers to collect and ordered me to clean it off.


She then moved back looking at me almost like an animal looking at their prey before eating it and then pulled me onto the bed. She removed her skirt and I saw again her sexy lingerie and pulling her panties down released her cock that was much bigger than me. She reached into her bag getting out some lube put a generous amount on her fingers, then worked them into my anus.


She worked anus with her fingers and then she slowly pushed her cock deep into me before starting to forcefully fuck me hard, she was fucking me so hard and fast I knew my cock was leaking as I could feel it wet under me and she fucked me for what seemed an age.


Then changed positions fucking me doggy style too, she knew I had already cum so was using me like a little femboy whore fucking in all different positions before noticing I was hard again, and now it was my turn to fuck her.


Femboy Totally Fucked OUT.

She eventually left me room and I was laying on the bed totally fucked out , when I heard the door open and Karen walked in, she took one look at me and said “ you had a good fucking” and with that I told her everything about the night before us both crashing out.


I never saw my femboy mistress again even though I sent a few private messages she just wasn’t coming online. Shame, but I move on and we are still a couple and now wanting to try something as a couple maybe a threesome?

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