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Love youer sex outdoors? yep me too, assuming its a warm night ! But finding safe places to meet and contacts is not so easy
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Femboy Dogging Locations  ..

Did you know one of the most searched keyword terms on google is Dogging locations closely followed by finding femboys dogging tonight, now the second one maybe because I look at a lot of femboy sites online and Google is showing me sites I like, but certainly Dogging locations is one of the top.


Finding dogging locations least ones that are current and not been spoiled by idiots or the police is something that’s always been a concern for those that enjoy some outdoor fun with a hot young femboy, or meeting with an admirer.


Arranging “safe” outdoor meets for anyone that enjoys meeting feminine transgenders or admirers has been a struggle, if you don’t know the right place to look, and one thing for certain you won’t find the answer by searching for Femboy Dogging sites, we’ll other than old useless locations.


Where to find Current Femboy Dogging Sites…Still online, but not in some open website that anyone can access, you need to be looking towards a members only private forum to not only find current locations, but better still pre arranging to meet with Dogging femboys & admirers.


Within our members section we have dedicated forums pages where members post up current dogging sites and places where you can meet others for some outdoor fun, but there is a better and even more safer way.


Pre Arranging Dogging Meetups ..

Yep, arrange to meet with a member that enjoys outdoor sex, you can then find a VERY private dogging location, probably one that’s not even known for outdoor sex, I’m sure where you live you must know places either car parks, industrial estates or just old buildings where you can meet up knowing that its must safer than some Dogging location you pulled from Google.


Arrange these meets with Dogging femboys or admirers is EASY. All you need do is when posting up your profile tick that you are looking for members that like sex in public locations / outdoors. Then when you start searching for local contacts all members that have done the same will be shown to you.


Then its just a simple case of reading the members personals advert and dropping then a line asking if they want to meet up one night, or day if you really enjoy the frill of sex in public!.


FREE Dogging Information  ..

OK you say the word free and people ears twitch, or in my case something jumps, but that’s normally free SEX LOL.. But YES you can join the site for FREE and access the forums sections where you can read about Femboy dogging sites.

Sending messages as a FREE member you are limited, but you can post into the forums and dogging live chat groups and chat with others. Obviously arranging meets is easier when a paid member but hopefully once you start tracking down dogging femboys and admirers you’ll then be happy to upgrade, but in the meantime why not try for FREE

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